Saturday, May 7, 2011

One of A Kind Recovery

In March and April I was a vendor at the One of A kind Show in Toronto. The experience was amazing, but totally exhausting. Which is one of the reasons that I haven't written anything about it until now. I was part of the Craft Community of Canada Section all of us emerging artists in our field. So much talent to be included with. And what a close knit bunch we became. There will be a post on all the wonderful ladies coming up very soon.
I only took one photo of my booth:

Fine for documentation purposes but not very dynamic. Thankfully Lisa from Wicked and Weird took some detail shots of my booth.
Check out her post about the One of a Kind Show here.
There were over 400 vendors, the show ran for five days and over 60 thousand visitors came through. So it was a little tricky to get a chance to see any of it myself, let alone all of it.
Luckily, Odette from International Birds came to help me. This preserved the shreds of sanity that I had left and also meant that I could spend some time catching up with her. She is delightful and hilarious and was such a great help.
It also meant that I was able to browse a little bit. With so many vendors there is something that would appeal to everyone. And everything was incredibly made, whether or not it was to my taste.

Atelier L.A.F etsy
I traded with Laura and Andrew for this necklace. And after the show drove to Montreal with them. So it was not only their work, but the two of them that are favourites. Their work was so skillful and perfectly captured both the soft and harsh sides of the natural world.

Cokluch is also a favourite. Laurie and Christine make gorgeous leather goods from recycled material. They combine structured tailoring with a feminine silhouette and screen-printed images. They have a little shop in Montreal that carries my t-shirts.

Jacinth Brind'Amour Jacinth's ceramic pieces are solid and beautiful I particularly like her combining of light and dark clay to produce a rather delicious swirl. She is also a delight in person.

Imagine Wood
Each one is hand made and suited to a very specific kitchen task. I didn't buy one of these utensils and I really should have. If I go back for another of these shows I surely will. But will probably have a good deal of trouble choosing which one will be the most useful.

jenna rose makes beautiful textile work with a soft airiness to it that I find very appealing.

Needless to say I was delighted to take part in the One of A Kind show and will definitely take part in one in the future.

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